16 September 2014

Hello Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn Wardrobe Untitled Autumn Wardrobe Untitled Autumn Wardrobe
A few pieces I picked up for my Autumn wardrobe. Autumn is by far my favourite season for dressing. Chunky knits, maxi skirts, coats, boots, layering, and more layering. This summer I've pretty much lived in boyfriend jeans and oversized shirts so I'm looking forward to wrapping up in these items.

7 September 2014

Rebecca Lily Pro Set III

Avalon III

Today I'm reviewing something special, the Rebecca Lily Pro Set III. Created by the wonderful and talented Rebecca Patience. I first came across Rebecca and her work on Twitter. Since then I've been interacting with Rebecca and I have to say she is one of the most loveliest and kindest people I have come across. Rebecca is a digital and film photographer, residing in Ireland with her husband Johnny Patience (also an amazingly talented film photographer). Rebecca's work is beautiful. Her photos are graceful, calm and mesmerising (just take a look at her blog). And I am always in awe of her and Johnny's work.

A while back Rebecca asked me if I would like to review her upcoming presets, the Rebecca Lily Pro Set III. And of course I said yes! I had recently purchased Lightroom as I was looking for a change in my work flow, so this was the perfect time to try the presets. I have always used Photoshop for any editing work, but after using these presets I've realised what a lengthy process that can be, and one that I have not always been satisfied with. I feel these presets are a dream for portrait and wedding photographers (actually any photographer), as they reduce the time spent in post processing significantly! What I most love about these presets is their simplicity and ease of use. With them, less is more.

The presets are designed to be used in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom for enthusiast and professional photographers. There are 27 presets with 3 variations, which allow you to choose the strength of the effect. The set also includes 44 tools for further adjustments and finishing touches. The presets are organised in to five categories: Black & White, Bright Color, Deep Color, Mid Color, and Pastel.

Below are a few examples of the different presets found in the Rebecca Lily Pro Set III.

Metro III, Black Jack III & Berlin III
Cleopatra II & Cleopatra III
Audrey I
Audrey I
Deep Color - Dark Mirror III
Dark Mirror III
Apricot III
Apricot III
Avalon II

Although I shoot digital (hoping to venture in to film one day), I have always loved and admired the classic and timeless look of images shot in film. Rebecca's presets evoke and give that beautiful filmic feel to your images with a single click. Not emulating any particular film emulsion but drawn from her experience and love for shooting film. These are a set of unique and beautiful presets created by a talented photographer with a careful eye for colour and detail.

I admire Rebecca's work and I am really grateful for the opportunity to try the Rebecca Lily Pro Set III, which I love and can not recommend enough.

The Rebecca Lily Pro Set III can be found here.

31 August 2014

A wander in the Peak District

Peak District Peak District Peak District Peak District Peak District Diptych Peak District
Last week my feet wandered. Wandered in to the shades of green. The smell of nature encompassed my soul and the sight of nature satisfied my eyes. The water beneath glimmered and danced with the reflection of nature. And the majestic hills and deep woods unveiled their beauty in the brightness of the water. And as I walked I listened, listened to natures music. Not disturbing, I whispered 'So this is what peace and happiness sounds like'.