14 April 2014

A Brownie and Nutella Weekend

After a long week, all I needed this weekend was to sit and indulge in something chocolatey. So naturally I had to bake brownies. But that wasn't enough, (like I said it was a long week), so I had to grab the Nutella jar too. And it was pretty great sitting and indulging in all that chocolatey goodness. In one hand I held a brownie, and in the other a spoon covered in Nutella. I think that pretty much sums up the amazing-ness of that. Lately, I've not been posting as much as I'd like to because things have been a little hectic with work, home, and just life in general. I'm really trying to find a balance. But sometimes it's not that easy and life gets in the way, and as much as we'd like for things to go our way, sometimes they don't. And we just have to deal with it right? So that's what I've been trying to do, deal with it. But most importantly to think/stay positive. Because to be honest if I didn't think positive I know I would never be able to deal with some situations and get out of that crazy maze of stress and over-thinking! I'd like to think of myself as a pretty optimistic person. I love a good quote to motivate me, and I generally like to think on the positive side of things. I know life isn't all 'rainbows and butterflies' and there's a lot of downfalls in life we have to deal with. But we can try to make things a little better for ourselves by having a more optimistic attitude, and thinking positive. And this quote, 
('We can't choose our circumstances but we can choose our attitude') 
has been helping me deal with a lot of  those not-so-great days and situations lately. It's important to remember that only we have the power to choose our attitude in any given circumstance. That choice is ours. And I really believe by choosing a positive attitude we can deal with, and get through those not-so-great (in other words cr***y) situations in life a little easier. 
p.s chocolate also helps.
As for the brownie recipe. This is the recipe I use but I change somethings around to fit my liking. I'd say I'm more of the cakey-brownie person so I've substituted the plain flour for self-raising flour to get more of that cakey texture. And I used 100g of milk chocolate and 50g of dark chocolate.

Hope everyone has a lovely week.

28 March 2014

Friday Flowers

I must have flowers, always, and always.
― Claude Monet

Happy weekend!

23 March 2014

The Blossom tree

I decided to do a quick little shoot with my lovely friend whilst we were on a walk and spotted this beautiful blossom tree. Spring is here friends.

'Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.'
—Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

16 March 2014

Hello from

It feels like forever since I last posted. These past two weeks I've been working full time as we've had a few people leave at work and we're waiting for new people to start. So I've not had much time to blog or photograph. And I've missed it, especially photography. I thought it'd be nice to still be able to capture the little moments from my day even on days when I am working. I've been looking to buy a new phone for a while now and I've heard great things about the iPhone 5s's camera and seen some beautiful photography from it. So I decided to buy it this week and I am pretty much in love with it. I've been spending all weekend playing with the camera and photography apps (let me know your favourites?). And as much as I'd love to carry my dslr with me everywhere, I can't, so having this little thing in my pocket is perfect to capture those little moments.

If you'd like you can follow me here or find me at erstwhilefelicity on Instagram for more regular photo updates.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

23 February 2014

This week

I'm loving my new boots.
So far I hadn't bought a diary for 2014 and whilst shopping at Sainsbury's I spotted this GBBO diary and had to buy it. Each month has a new recipe and it's filled with some lovely food photography. How could I pass?
And this week's flowers to brighten up my window sill on rainy days.

p.s it's been lovely reading everyone's comments on my last post and knowing that so many people can relate to how I'm feeling. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope we are all able to do that what makes us happy in life.

12 February 2014

Listening to my heart

Since graduating last summer I've been asked the same questions over and over again.
This outlines some of them (and it's quite funny).

"What are  you going to do with your life now?" I'm 22 and I think it is perfectly fine to answer with  'I don't know'. (Please don't look at me confused or disappointed.) I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that myself, but right now I'm taking life as it comes. Each day I'm exploring life and learning something new.

I did a history degree. And no I do not want to go in to a career that has anything to do with history. But nevertheless I chose to study it. I enjoyed it. And I don't regret it.

All I know right now is my heart lies in creating. I'm happiest when photographing, creating and exploring visual art. I want to create. It may not sound right to you. And you're looking at me with the question "what are you going to do with that?!". But for now I will listen to my heart and see where it takes me. And at the time being I'm happy with my part time job (yes a job that has nothing to do with my degree), and spending the rest of my time doing what makes me happy.

Sometimes we spend so much of our time trying to meet everyones expectations that we forget what makes us happy. I've always been surrounded by people with high expectations. And It can be tough trying to meet those expectations. When I was younger I spent too much time trying to please others and not doing what makes me happy. It never made me happier and I felt I was only becoming what others expected me to be. But there comes a point where you have to stop thinking about what 'everyone' else thinks/expects, and focus on what you want. It's difficult to break away and to do what you want to do, but you have to remind yourself that this is your life, and you can't always live your life trying to please others.

And for now I will listen to my heart.

'If you fail, you will be criticised, and if you succeed you will be criticised, you cant make everyone happy. So you may as well do what makes you happy.'